I first began my internet presence in 1996.  Over the years I’ve shared my views on websites, blogs, videos, blog radio, blog tv, tweets and forums.  Most of those formats trend towards picking a single theme.  Common wisdom says that you need to do that to get a message across.  Well, I’m not going to follow that view any longer.

Life is not a single topic or even a single theme.  Those who look at life’s issues with the blinders of a single focus will never find truth.  Politics without history, philosophy, faith, economics and a host of other themes is a worthless waste of time.  Wisdom comes from examination of all things and not just those few things that fit within a predefined view.  So now I will start anew with this blog and share with you the thoughts I have any a wide variety of topics.  Some you may enjoy and others you may find uninteresting.  Some of you may agree with me on a given thought and others will believe me to be wrong.  That’s O.K.

I’ll happily accept your criticisms and  alternate views.  Just don’t waste your time telling me that I’m wrong without presenting facts to back up your position.  I won’t respond to mindless flaming.  There are far more important things to do in life than to argue with idiots and if you can’t post anything more than an unsupported attack, then you are indeed an idiot.

Finally I want to make it clear that I will write what I believe.  I will state it as I feel it.  I abhor political correctness in all its forms and will not lower myself or the subject matter of my posts by attempting to conform to the straightjacket of political correctness.  Freedom of Speech means freedom to speak from the heart and not just from the leftist handbook.  If you find this blog offensive at any time, you have the unrestricted right to stop reading it.

All that being said, I welcome you to this blog.  Hopefully it will indeed grow into what I envision for it.  It is an opportunity for you to see the world through my eyes and for me to share with you my thoughts on those things I find most interesting or important.

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